The BMG Bremsmaterial GmbH was founded 2005 for the manufacturing and sales of high performance friction material.

Vita of Peter Czarnowski, Mechanical Engineer

He starts 1971 as manager of production department at Pagid/Essen in Germany. Next 12 years was plant manager at Pagid and responsible in Europe for the production in the Abex-Rütgers JV Group. Next 5 years was responsible the technical board member in Pagid Group with responsibility for Manufacturing, Engineering and R&D for the plants in Germany, in Italy, in Mexico, Brazil and starts the China activities.

Founded 1995 Frimatec and was the Managing Director of Frimatec which ends 2013 when he starts his retirement. Beside this he founded 2005 BMG for the manufacturing of high performance friction materials and runs it as the managing director.

Vita of Dirk Czarnowski, Mechanical Engineer

After he finished his studies in machine engineering at the Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen with his Diploma, he started 2004 at Frimatec to assist the managing director as project engineer and one year later he was the QS manager of Frimatec.

He was 10 years the QS manager of Frimatec and responsible for the production of pads and linings for Frimatec’s production partners in Europe, China and India. In the same time he finished several projects for passenger brake pads successfully.

Now he runs BMG and is the responsible as the managing director.

To his work experience belong also several years as a scientific assistant in material science at the RUB in Bochum and Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen. Last but not least he had a half year internship during his studies at Shanghai Volkswagen in field test and chassis.

A word on our own behalf:

Based on my 45 years of experiences for developing non asbestos friction material was our gain always to take care, that our material doesn’t contain dangerous raw materials. This target we also follow for the developing of the high performance friction materials. Our materials therefore can be used in all markets because they respect their actual law for dangerous goods. This target we already follow strictly in the past for the development for the high performance pads and these pads are still well known in the market.

Based on our long experiences we develop and improve continuously our own high performance materials. Before we give these materials in the market we assure that our material fulfils on dynamometer all test, has the right comfort during car street tests and the right performance on the racing course. The final test for new or improved special materials will be made under the hard conditions on the Nuremburg Ring before we release it for the market to assure our customers the best material for safe driving in all speeds.

This I assure to you.

Yours Peter Czarnowski